Handmade by women in the Himalayas

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Our Story

Blessed Hope Nepal (BHN) was established in 2013. BHN is owned by three ethnic Tibetan women from the mountains of Eastern Nepal. We are the first and only business owned and operated by women among our people group. We are uneducated but with the help of many of our friends, we were able to start and grow this wonderful business which has provided amazing opportunities for us as well as many women in our community. We taught ourselves and our artisans the beautiful and intricate art of bead crochet and this skill has been the foundation of our business. Over the years our skills have deepened and we love coming up with new designs together and challenging ourselves to never stop creating. It is our hearts desire to provide good, wholesome, creative work, skills development training and true hope to the women of the Himalayas. We seek to enhance and enrich the lives of the artisans that we work with, who are from villages throughout the Himalayan mountains of Nepal.

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– Blessed Hope Nepal

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